Cheap Travel

In this globalized world, travelling has become the pivotal part of everyone’s life. Travelling is also important to gain knowledge, for economic purposes, for pleasure, entertainment etc. Due to the advancement of transport system travelling has become much easier and time saving as opposed to it was in primitive days.

The swiftness and comfort has eased the travelling to greater extent. Modern technology has also leaded to make travelling much cheaper than it was in old times.  People had to spend a lot of money to reach their destinations. The use of cars which consume less fuel has lowered the costs of travelling to greater extent.

Travelling is now enjoyable for people as well as safe. They are moving too far off places to gain firsthand knowledge about them, to relieve themselves from worries and anxieties, to boost up their business activities and many other purposes with great ease, safety and at much cheaper rates. It seems to be a spectacular benediction.

That was all about the bright side of the picture but every good thing has a bad side. Same thing goes for the travelling. On one hand, it is much easier, swift, time saver and inexpensive when we equate it to former times. On the other hand, we see that the prices of petrol and diesel are skyrocketing each day. We have shortage of natural gas and its prices are also mushrooming like petrol. As a consequence, conveyance fares are also increasing with the speed of the bullet.

Although, new vehicles are comfy and fast yet they are quite expensive. Everyone cannot afford them. Even the cab fares are so high which turns travelling into a trouble. This trouble can be solved if we take few steps. What we need to do is adopt cheap means to travel that save our money and environment and health as well.

If we are going to some place which is ten to fifteen minutes away from our place we should go on foot. Make use of bicycles or horses .That will also be a fun thing to do besides being a means of transportation. Use the public transport system.  Go for car pooling.

Travel via train or ship instead of plane or go for the less costly airline. If we running short of diesel or natural gas we need to switch to alternative means like solar cars, hydrogen cars, hybrid vehicles or bio fuels. In this way our travel will remain cheap, secure and swift.

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